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Why was no one charged? Why does a daycare need a secret room?

26 under 3yo that's ... overcrowded I'd think.

They should at least be charged with breaking the law even though this is not as bad as a sexual abuse case.

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That's what I think. Child endangerment - if a fire boke out it there's no telling if they could evacuate panicky kids in time.

yeah good point

Or even if they were choking, hard ot watch that many kids

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Weird. There's another report that, aside from the headline, seems to emphasize that there are only 2 adults with the 26 kids in the secret room.


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Because they were guilty of trying to look after too many kids, which while maybe against some local statute or organisation rule, is probably not a police matter. I think the article title could have made this sound a little worse than it actually was.

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Think about one of the kids being yours. Then ask why his care facility needs a secret room.

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The police seem to think they need a secret room because they want a place to hide the kids if they get inspected. But you're right, it might also be a rape dungeon.

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Then ask why his care facility needs a secret room.

That would depend on how much work they put into it. If the "hidden staircase" was simply a sheet of drywall dragged in front of a prexisting basement door, then they could just be horrifyingly irresponsible cheapskates.

Or they're child traffickers; hopefully we'll get more on this story.

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They cared too much? Building a false room seems a bit over the line.

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Well it depends what the fine is for having too many kids. maybe i'm imagining something different to everyone else but I have a room in my house where If I push a bookcase against the door it becomes a secret room also. If they went to more trouble than that then I might be worried.