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I vote James O'Keefe.... and his crew and the people that come to him. Project Veritas is unmatched in integrity.

Oh and to the people defending wikipedia earlier today/yesterday, they claim in the first paragraph that he selectively edited videos to make claims about things people didn't say. LOL. He plays huge excerpts with full context every time to back up his claims.

[–] Titus_of_Voat 3 points (+3|-0)

He does good work.

I'd give Tucker Carlson an honorable mention, even though he is probably more a commentator than a journalist.

[–] jobes [OP] 1 points (+1|-0)

Tucker is a talk show host, but I would consider him in the realm of "activist journalist" in the way Hannity describes himself.

[–] Titus_of_Voat 1 points (+1|-0)

Usually he's a pundit/commentator, but at times he does reporting or at least directs his team to, such as his story on homelessness, drugs, and crime in democrat cities.

I never watch much of Hannity, he's a bit over the top GOP shill.

[–] smallpond 4 points (+4|-0)

George Monbiot comes to mind.. but my answer would likely change with further research.

[–] unruly 1 points (+1|-0)

He's the only journalist mentioned so far in this thread.

[–] TheFinger -2 points (+0|-2)

youtube.com/watch?v=-Q0xUXo2zEY Here is a video with him promoting the retarded Swedish climate alarmist girl.

[–] pembo210 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

Joe Rogan

I've heard talks and perspectives from some great people on worldwide tech, science, health, and humanity issues. It's not the traditional format, but I don't see these people ever being able to talk like this on tv or printed in large publications.


Jamie pull that up

size of .. chimp's balls .. related to number of females .. on DMT

[–] jobes [OP] 2 points (+2|-0)

but I don't see these people ever being able to talk like this on tv or printed in large publications

That is a great perspective. Joe has producers and booking agents just like big shows on network tv, but they dont have the brass telling them who to book which is a big difference

[–] TheFinger 0 points (+1|-1)

I listen to Rogan too, but only because it is the only long-format interview lots of his guests ever do, and sometimes he does have excellent guests (by accident?). On the other hand, Rogan is a Spook and avid advocate of White Genocide. Ex. Robb Wolf podcast ep 935 58:45 Rogan says CNN is the news and that no one should be allowed to be president if they criticize CNN. He claims CNN is always true, no matter what, and that saying otherwise is anti-intellectual and dangerous.

The last episode or 2 he did with Dan Carlin were principally about White Genocide and how they were going to bring it about.

Finally, on his 'conspiracy debunking' TV show he said: "I'll tell the government right now; I'll tell you right now if you're listening, NSA/CIA: I'm available, OK. If you show me all the real wreckage, I swear to god I will make fun of that crap to the end of time. I'll make up stories. I'll lie to my mother. I don't care. If you show me a UFO, I'll lie to my mother."