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I recently did a post about Voat, and why it went terribly terribly wrong:


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Voat never went wrong. It did exactly what it was set out to do.

The moment voat became popular was the moment Reddit began to change things.

Such as the removal of vote counts on comments. It was a few weeks before that happened that whoaverse started.

Then Reddit began to shift focus to revenue generation.

Voat was a place to have all the undesirable cast aways that would otherwise disrupt the natural flow of things to congregate.

Look how quickly different communities went there first without question.

Coontown, FPH, Q, and so many others. You can tell the specific ones with those favorable to Reddit actually moderate.

They demand users stay on voat......

Then if you need further proof....look at slimgr and it's history. It was started by a user and submitter from FPH. Then all the sudden it was all that was encouraged to be used......then boom it was gone. Same with KEK.

All those people with all that content just gone. It discouraged people and they end up leaving. They say fuck it and fall back into line using trusted platforms that discouraged such shit to begin with so slowly but surely people conform.

Voat was made to house the inmates and let them run amok is all. It did that well, but once you actually realize that....the sooner it makes sense