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He's right. Most Americans won't work for even $12/hr if it's manual labor. We're having problems finding people to work on our landscape crews currently and the ones that do bitch about the pay or half-ass their work.

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While illegals are working for the plants, I've read many of the illegals are working not for the plants but for third party clean up crews.

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That does make sense the cleanup crews would be that way. I remember a loooong time ago I saw a map of estimated illegal alien locations across the US and questions were raised why so many pockets existed in the midwest and the plains. The explanation was largely for slaughterhouses and farms. That used to be something you could discuss on reddit circa 2011

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They paying 15$ with 1000$ sign on bonus to go work in minnesota.

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My dad is pro-illegal immigration because he can't fathom how crops would be picked or slaughter houses would operate without illegal immigrants. It's the stupidest argument I've ever heard in my life.