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Good ol' FBI investing in crime to force the government to allocate more debt instruments into their funding. Just like the local police making up statutes, bills, ordinances, and etc instead of "laws."

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Plus the FBI gets to claim they thwarted some terrorist plots when they were the ones manipulating people to carry out an attack. They then get to pretend to be the good guys.

It reminds me of that one joke about militias:

"For every 6 militia members:

2 are undercover FBI agents trying to get them to blow something up

1 is an undercover DEA agent trying to get them to sell meth

1 is an undercover ATF agent trying to get them to make pipe bombs

1 is an undercover investigative reporter

1 is a regular dude who showed up so he could have friends to go camping with. "

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Some one has to keep the show going. Or there there would be no profit.