Phuks mean. Me no job. Me post phuks dying. Me feel better.

Orange fox bad.

Phuks mean. Me no job. Me post phuks dying. Me feel better. Orange fox bad.


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The strange thing is the site could be liked but this site is dying ...at this stage I would not even mind if it was a bunch of ay caramba mexicans and pajeet hindu smellies posting and hustling up this place but this site is truly dying and im not sure if it can be saved. Not long ago it could have grown and it was buzzing or starting to grow not too long ago. Whatever you guys have done, other people running a similar site should study this failing model and do almost the Exact Opposite because whatever you people have done just sent this site down the shitter. Phuks it could recover but it would take a shit ton of work and I don't think its worth saving. A bunch of other websites, Quora, Mix, minds, saidit, a bunch of chans, poal, the Mastadon diaspora blogs and forums, they all GROW yet phuks is going nowhere. If anything were to improve it could even rank among a bunch of reddit clones and all these others sites and even gab under hostile fire have all seen growth, but this Phuks site dies, it is dying a miserable death! sometimes it does not even matter who runs these sites, they can be Kurds, they can be Jews, they can be Christians or Atheist or ex-Muslim converts, they can be Germanics or Greek, they can be Japs or Koreans, they can be Whites or Yellow or Browns or even Negroid, they can even have their host domains in troublesome shit hole nations as long as the admin team give some kind of support to their base and have some kind of principles and you get your resources. Here on phuks I see a reason why it dies, I do recognize some names, i see the same posting styles, the same nicknames, and some of you seem to be the same drama faggots who create the same toxic mess at other sites and run them into the shitter. Continue what you are doing if you want to destroy this site, if those were your intentions destroying a site then you are doing a fantastic job guys!

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God bless

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He says the site is dying, but the fact that we have our very own Amalek is proof that Phuks is stronger than ever!

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Don't sully Amalek's legacy with that comparison, at least Amalek had coherent rants (even if they were off the wall).

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Oh phuk, I never considered that he's just a low tier Amalek. This all makes sense now