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Sort of strange they can board you in international waters.

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The law looks complicated. Maybe they claim drug smuggling is one of those internationally condemned acts like piracy? But how can they prove before searching that they knew these were fugitive drug smugglers?

The U.S. has a long history of “extraordinary or irregular,” the capture and transfer of criminal fugitives or suspects outside of normal means, and sometimes in violation of international law and foreign sovereignty.

Business as usual, and to be honest nobody really cares to defend the narco cartel, so your question while completely fair will be dismissed by governments probably. Governments hate to limit their own power after all.

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I feel there should be some way to police on the high seas ... but yeah I was just curious as to how you legally justify it in international waters. Like can I board someone else's vessel? Can they shoot the coast guard in international waters, etc. I certainly would rather the US Coast guard detained me than some third world country.