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I didn't see it in the article, why is this design considered disrespectful? How is it supposed to be linked to slavery?

Here's a link to the previous post: https://phuks.co/s/Whatever/63930/f4839fa5-7009-4af3-86b9-063168270ba3

TDLR; Basically Colin Kapernick said the flag was racist because it was created in the days of slavery, Nike pulled the sneakers fearing repercussions.

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That's it? So anything created during the days of slavery are racist now? Are people so spineless these days that somebody whining with such a spurious argument actually gets power and effects? This sounds like a classic example of feelings over facts.

Yeah, I know it's all very stupid. Of course if you look at it from Nike's business perspective old white folks aren't paying $400 for a pair of sneakers made by (almost) slaves. Nobody is clamoring to pay $200 for the new Andy Griffith "Mall Walkers", Nike will cave every time if it's to seal in all that money.