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I'm not sure how to take this. Is it intentionally the "not found" icon or is did throat just not read it correctly? I'm calling it the former.

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Unicode is a nice idea, but it makes everything complicated. Simple things like case conversion become daunting puzzles which can only be solved with elaborate, inefficient code.

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Try updating a million line game codebase from ascii to unicode. That is such a nightmare it's almost better to start from scratch

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And then outsiders think you can just go unicodeTranslate(originalLanguageText, newLanguageText); and everything works fine. But those languages don't have the same grammar or syntax, and they often don't have the same vowel or consonant sounds. Phonetically expressing the sound of the English word "running" in Russian characters is not going to make the Russian word for running. So why are people trying to do it? It's all managers who don't understand the hopelessness of what they're trying to do.

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What's the point of unicode if you can't abuse it? The greek question mark is a unicode semi-colon. The soft hypen lets me put in "invisible" characters and empty line breaks,





Like that. And all sorts of other fun stuff.

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If there are characters in the breaks, why can't i select or highlight anything there?

edit: think how long Unicode has been around, yet most of the internet is still plain ol' ascii. Unicode is just poorly conceived and implemented, from a non-hacky guy's point of view. It's a clunky, disordered pain in the ass.

It's a non-printable character. It literally takes no space­. Like the one I inserted before that last period. You're selecting it but since it takes literally no space, you don't see anything highlighted.

There's a url that uses a swastika...