I should make more posts, instead of just snarky comments to spammers.

I should make more posts, instead of just snarky comments to spammers.


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Be the change you want to see.

edit.. meh, it comes in waves, we're like 50 active people a day

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I'll do my best to post more about the coming environmental apocalypse.

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id say about a year to a yearandahalf ago was great.

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it was better before annoying miss preggo joined.

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Wah wah wah

Give me a couple of months and I'll be annoying new mom.

Don't mess with me or I'll post a bajillion new baby photos ;-)

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i really hope i dont see another message from you about how 'great of a person goatshadow is' or anything around those lines.

ever again.

we are not friends.

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i really dont like you, nor give a shit about you and your devil spawn.

its not funny. its annoying. maybe you should think about the people who lost children or had to deliver a sleeping baby with no fucking answers? maybe use a fucking brain?

just a thought while youre parading around that you got fucked one night and may become a single mom too.

also, joking about posting baby photos isnt funny. be cautious abiut where you post them. you dont know who saves that photo and where it gets sent to.

Its not fucking funny. Youre going to be a parent. start acting like it.

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little miss 'im level 5 and its been 5 months !! but im pregnant!!!!'

god. i cant wait for you to be deactivated

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For whatever has embittered you and causes you to lash out at another's joy, I am truly sorry.

But that does not give you leave be bitchy when someone shares a happy event.

With your attitude, perhaps you should go wallow in the big, warm, festering pool of hate over at voat where no one will bother calling you out for acting the bitch.

I'll make certain to never comment on your posts nor reply to your comments. If I for some ungodly reason feel the need for a dose of alt-hate, I'll go read voat's front page.

As for @goatshadow, my character evaluation of him is based upon his words here. If you have an issue with him, take it up with him, not me. I'm not buying in to whatever drama play you're producing.