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Does she know?

[–] GoatsShadow [OP] 3 points (+3|-0) Edited

She got Beef Terdenloin, A 30 min massage, A sensual cleaning in the bath with expensive things, and the toys were charged. In short, Maybe. And it was great.

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he didnt.

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DID TOO edit: I was wondering when you'd see this. This was before the whole sick night thing. Even before we babammed. I wanted positive reinforcement from the fact that I posted it. Prophecy came true. All Hail the Sex Obelisk

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You fell asleep at some point, so how do you know for sure?

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i was up all night throwing up. i didnt sleep. so i know for sure.

She was up all night puking after... shes at the hospital rn... I'd say this one didn't have a "happy ending" hehh... I'll go jump into a lake now

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I'll have to ban you from SDBH. Nice knowing you bud.

If you haven't done it yet it's not too late to change your mind

Well she's at the Hospital... I'm guessing UTI... It was a hell of a night until it was too much for the little lass... or she's sick and I have a small weener... I'm not sure. However all is attended to and performed as intended. Do as one must until these harsh SDBH times