Friday's checkup was great. I've only gained 20 pounds so far.

Friday's checkup was great. I've only gained 20 pounds so far.


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What's the weirdest craving you've had so far?

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That has to be asparagus. I ate it once in awhile to be polite, but now? I have it for dinner almost everyday and cook makes extra so that I can have it cold for breakfast. I slather it in yellow mustard.

I've eaten more asparagus in the last few months than in the entire rest of my life. My husband is well and truly tired of it and started having something else many weeks ago.

I have asparagus balls and rotini for lunch a couple times a week.

I want maple syrup sooo bad.

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want maple syrup sooo bad.

dutchgold.com , because I want you to be happy. Trust me, the lower grade maple syrup is actually better than the higher grade. I can explain that, but maybe it's too much for a reply like this. Just order some and make yerself a dang pancake, lady!

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Is this your first?

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It is :-) I've been reading a lot about pregnancy and deliveries and we've been attending childbirth classes. We're as ready as we can get, I guess. We have all the little things like receiving blankets and burping pads, a few sets of crib sheets, baby monitors, and lot of other things. My husband is a great list maker.

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Welcome to parenthood! It is the best/worst thing that will happen in your life.