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That's a pretty decently written and level headed article, thank you for posting. I haven't yet had a chance to sit down and look into this whole thing yet.

But man..... voat is gonna run out of lotion while circle jerking over this one.

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Hatred springs from a reactionary response. Imagine the demographic and lifestyle of the Chans. These are individuals who are up to their necks in tribal outrage. If we unpack their motivation they are convinced that ethnic nationalism would make their communities better. However, refer back to the demographics and lifestyle of these individuals. Despite being the ideal age, independent and youthful, to impact and improve their local communities they are shut away, dependent, and not working to improve their community.

Even if their wildest fantasies came to pass their lack of action would contribute nothing towards substantive improvement. Because their hatred is purely reactionary and they are creatures of reaction not action. It is not surprising that the embodiment of their ideals is an act of destruction. They share far more in common with "triggered" sjws than they realize. The culmination of reactionary sjw ideas coalesced into punch a nazi.

The root of this problem is reaction culture. The passive sharing and signaling of information without action. It breeds a reactionary response which is hatred. Anyone caught up in a loop of reactionary thought cannot process reality beyond the removal of the enemy. The overarching issue we need to address is engagement. There is a growing portion of our societies that are disconnected from their communities and living in online outrage dominated communities.

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Yes maybe we could get them to join some sort of clan, get out of their basements and march or something?

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most of it ironic, low-quality trolling