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I worked with a guy whose mailbox key started almost any skid steer. It was great for when people left equipment in our way.

Most golf course equipment manufacturers only have model specific keys so you didn't have to worry about which key for which mower if there were multiple of one model. I think Bobcat had a similar key strategy but they started adding keypads that required a code to actually start the equipment.

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Here's for all the kwikset door locks. Pretty much half of all American homes and 3/4 of apartments - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IT5QUJS/

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Wait, so these are like... master keys?

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According to the description, no. And they're not for all the Kwiket locks. They are just random precut keys for the Kwikset Smart Lock mainly for apartments and rental homes.

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oops. I thought it was the main set.

I know when you buy new locks in the store, they have a code on the back where if you match it to another lock, the keys will match.