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He could have said he thought the turtle was asian and he was simply feeding it traditional Asian cuisine

The science teacher told investigators he was only 'putting the puppy out of its misery', as it was reportedly emaciated and had a number of deformities.

Is the teacher going to be dealt with in the same manner because of his mental deformities?

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The all-powerful Gods have decided that you are retarded and will die. Your family and friends will not be present, and will never know what happened to you. You have two choices:

(a) Die lying on a bed, being gently stroked by the Gods as you fall asleep after the administration of a lethal injection.

(b) Die while being ripped apart and ingested by an enormous monster.

I choose (b).

If they had really decided to kill the puppy, I see the manner of its (relatively swift) death as unimportant. If it was more useful to the turtle this way, then all good.

I'll refer you to doggone's comment since you don't seem to remember how useful it was to the turtle.

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Obviously the turtle would have been fine and well-fed if the teacher hadn't been so trusting of his students.

At least the puppy had a fairly natural death, perhaps the turtle would rather have been fed to a crocodile in the presence of children unaccustomed to the basic functions of the natural world, for their education and for the crocodile's nourishment.