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This does not sound coherent . He dislikes Trump so now he's not a libertarian... What?

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He must be mad over one of the few issues that Cato Institute has agreed with Trump on. Cato Institute has been speaking out against some of Trump's actions as have other Libertarian groups. This guy is probably still salty over the Crane/Koch dispute at Cato Institute in 2012.

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Terrible article.

Jerry dumped his ideology due to "Trump’s authoritarian takeover of the Republican Party". There is no "authoritarian takeover'.

There are two Libertarians that anyone could have a chance of naming and both are Paul, and both are Republicans, just as it's not surprising that Bernie found a footing in the Democratic party.

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Amash and Massie are becoming more well known, especially with their willingness to oppose Trump on certain issues.

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just as it's not surprising that Bernie found a footing in the Democratic party.

Socialist usually end up there, whats the relevance

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Working inside one of the two big parties is more likely to get results than aligning with a fringe party.

I may agree with the sentiment of the article as I read it, but disliked some of the phrasing.

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Taylor, who invites readers to flee the “clean and well-lit prison of one idea.”

He is in the clean and well-lit prison of one idea: he is sharpened to one painful point. He is without healthy hesitation and healthy complexity. Now, as I explain in the introduction, I have determined in these early chapters to give not so much a diagram of a doctrine as some pictures of a point of view.

I can't necessarily argue with him here, it gets harder and harder to find the "moderate libertarian", too many focus on pushing all the hot button far left and/or far right issues to pick up the scraps of the big parties instead of running on issues like government accountability, balancing the budget, and protecting the constitution that the big 2 avoid.

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I think Reason still does a decent job at staying fairly moderate, although the paleolibertarians tend to bitch louder when Reason presents something that more liberal.

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Yeah, I like Reason a lot. Also occasionally they run Peter Bagge comics which is pretty cool.