How do you know he wasn't a Cleric goat or a Barbarian goat?

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roll insight for that.

Damn newfangled ...
Well, at least THAC0 is gone.

I've never seen THAC0 before, and I am glad I don't play with that rule. It seems wayy too much to do in just in order to see if you hit something. Subtract the THAC0 and roll d20, compare to this and that, blah blah blah.

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Am I the only one that realizes this is pretty much exactly like the jailbreak from Red Dawn? All that's missing are some communists and the goat yelling "wolverines!"

There is no known connection between the Hackensack and Boise incidents, Tynan said.

Some hard-hitting journalism right here folks. Did we really need clarification that a goat did not coordinate two animal escapes 2000 miles apart within a week of each other?

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I would like NJ Dept. of Health to look into this company.