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Interesting take on the whole ban them, it's private, they can do what they want rhetoric of the past week.

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original source as noted on Counter Punch


/u/cyclops1771 could you please try posting the original source link instead of the repost on Counter Punch?

This way lesser sites get the traffic they are due.

and you can use Counter Punch as your secret sauce

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And therein lies the rub … because I can see the point that this is an example of “The Marketplace of Ideas” at work and, according to the tech companies involved, the market can no longer bear the cost of keeping a lunatic on a PRIVATELY OWNED platform. Maybe this is how is it supposed to work now that the idea of the “public airwaves” is a quaint notion of a bygone era.

The real bottom line is that in today’s America money isn’t just speech, but speech also is money … and I wonder if Jones would’ve been purged if he commanded the same audience as Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern or Sean Hannity.

And let’s be honest, we are all being monetized by these same platforms. We’ve willingly plugged into a matrix of largely unregulated pseudo-media businesses that are free to make any decision they want about what you can see, what you can say and who you can say it to. Perhaps we just need to admit that in today’s privatized world there is no such thing as “free” speech.

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This post has 4 downvotes but only 1 person has a problem with it?

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/u/InnocentBystander has decided that I am a spammer, not because of what I post, but because "it" has determined that the aggregator site I go to is intentionally biased, whatever that means. It is one of the few places where articles that require thought are posted and while the site also has its share of political hacks, for the most part, it is an interesting site, and has been since I first found it in 1998.

SO IB and its cronies run around and downvote anything I post from there without reading it. Because reading is hard, and blanket attacking is easy.

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Do you have anything to add, or just the same old crap?