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... it turns out it's LiveLeak. They have to be one of the largest competitors to YouTube.

According to their Wikipedia page

"LiveLeak holds to being strictly non-biased in its approach to members and their content, believing in freedom of speech within the site rules regardless of how certain content might offend them personally."

This is good fucking news if you're a YouTuber looking for a free speech alternative. and sites like it are way too small to be a serious competitor to YouTube. LiveLeak seem to have the infrastructure, the views.

Up until this point, I thought LiveLeak was just a good site for gore.

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TheRedArmy Posted


Liveleak is undoubtedly still light-years behind YT in terms of exposure, though. I can't check activity data on websites (don't know how), but I have to imagine YT has some very large order of magnitude more unique visitors than LL.

LL will probably become the site of choice for those reporting in warzones and the like, as some combat-related videos were taken down from YT for the violence or whatnot.


I go to liveleak when I want to see fight/violent videos or stuff that can get explicit that is censored elsewhere. I prefer daily motion as a youtube alternative, I find more pirate tv/movies there.

jobes Posted

1 was cool at first, then they added "hate speech" policies to their TOS a little while back. Bye bye free speech.


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