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The FBI agent said officers broke open the safe with a saw, finding the CDs, jewellery, computer hard drives, "loose diamonds", passports and “large amounts of US currency.”

They took photographs of the items, but left them at the residence as they did not have the warrant to remove them. When they returned four days later, on July 11, they were no longer there.

Right, so you come and break open a safe with a saw and don't have warrant to collect hard drives/digital material in a child sex trafficking case? getthefuckoutofhere

Some, Agent McGuire testified, had “evidence tape” sealing them. She told the court the tape had not been put there by police.

Wonder how she feels being part of this case knowing that her superiors are calling in favors and organizing/obstructing to protect a cabal of pedos in business, politics, and showbiz.

Court papers said that alongside photos were compact discs with handwritten labels including: “‘Young [Name] + [Name],’ ‘Misc nudes 1,’ and ‘Girl pics nude.”

Doubt. That's not what a sophisticated Mossad financed and coordianted honeypot operation looks like. That's what a lame "cover the tracks and make it look like one rogue, rich, crazy, and sloppy pedo did it alone" planted evidence looks like.

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Yeah that is sketch as shit. Obviously planted