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Hopefully nothing bad comes from this. In court the father said: "What if he comes back? What if he tries to hurt us, or our daughter? What if he loses his job and has nothing else to lose?". I bet this family is going to be looking over their shoulders for a long time.

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"The actions by the defendant, in this case, show a need for evaluation, show a need for potential treatment, and that's going to go unnoticed, untreated if there's no evaluation done in this case," said Deputy County Attorney Marcus Beecher.

Judge Cooper denied the requests.

"It can seem unfair," Judge Cooper said, acknowledging the victim family's concerns. "It can seem like it's not enough."

Judge Cooper also acknowledged mitigating factors, such as Moon's lack of prior crimes, his military service, and work as a deputy marshal.

How is being a US Marshall a mitigating factor? If anything that makes it all the more important for a guy granted special power by the State to be held accountable since he poses an especially great threat.