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Link to policy where I took the image: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/credible_violence

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when did you take this image? It looks very different to me, and has none of the text you have highlighted . . . .


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Whenever I posted it, exactly before I did. If it’s different now then it’s because of the backlash. May be able to find an archive of it, give me a bit.

I did not steal someone else’s image, I did indeed take it myself.

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They removed it (only in the English versions though apparently)

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Is this website phuks dying, never even got moving? Well I guess at least myspace, geocities, ytmnd and other sites at least gave it a go.

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So basically as long as the target is unpopular it's okay to harass/abuse/threaten violence against them... Did middle school bullies write this policy?

[–] E-werd [OP] 6 points (+6|-0) Edited

I'd love to see somebody exploit this policy. It's stupid, selfish, and dangerous.

You're right, this is organized bullying against arbitrary targets.

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Can someone translate the legaleze to normal English please?

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Don't make death threats against people... unless they're on our approved list of acceptable targets whom you may freely harass with our blessings because we think they suck.

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You can't do anything mean... unless you call them a nazi first..

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Amagoofaceapplesoft have too much power. People really need to stop using all their products.

[–] E-werd [OP] 2 points (+2|-0)


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Don't use their products. Shame and mock your friends when they use them. Make these corporate ad and surveillance platforms uncool. When you think about it, there really isn't anything cool about them, but most people just go along with what other people are using. We can use peer pressure against these platforms.

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Bragging: I do not now, nor have I ever had a facebook page. Well, except for one day when I was looking up an old GF, and I had to be registered to see her page. But then I deleted it.

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I don't know exactly how to feel about this. Obviously it's extremely troubling, but Facebook now explicitly endorses language that is illegal speech in both the US and UK. If Alex Jones or Paul Joseph Watson get attacked (they are both on FB's dangerous person list), they could sue the living shit out of FB and I don't see how the courts wouldn't side with them.

Troubling language.

I think language calling for violence is best reserved for when people are being violent. Calling someone a nazi shouldn't be a way to get around the rules.