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And to avoid ignorant dismissive a-holes, also. Lots of benefits to not being a herd-person, or giving a shit about the opinion of anyone who judges someone based on their amusement value at parties.

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I don't care about any of that. The fact that you seem to buy into Covid being a gigantic menace is what concerns me. The only thing I have to say, at any of its' core at all is this; You are being deceived.

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I have already buried relatives who died from it, so it fucking WAS and IS a gigantic menace to us. You are being deceived by the deniers and Q-tards. The more people that lose loved ones from this, the less credibility you deniers will have. There are long term problems that are being discovered even for those that "recover", like lowered fertility rates, heart liver and brain damage. One good thing about anti-masker deniers choosing to party on and ignore it, is that maybe it will be a self-solving problem if they sterilize themselves over it. We can hope.

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The people Covid kills are people who've already got one foot in the grave. For every one who dies, there's ten others who get better.

Be afraid, if you want. Sick or not, death will come for you. You could at least choose to live with dignity.