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Gotta admire the efficiency.
It can also tenderize the meat and execute the chicken while plucking.

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Funny how this site praises posts with white trash in the title but any other racial comments are hounded and shouted down. Bunch of fucking niggers.

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That's because white people typically don't get offended at comments like "white trash" or "cracker" unless the speaker was trying to be offensive, or the listener was trying to be offended (See: you).

In the context of a chicken plucking device that this guy built in his backyard because he just happens to have slaughtered chickens lying around, I'd consider "white trash" to be pretty non-offensive. Just poking fun. Unlike, what I imagine in your experience is "hounded and shouted down", using language to make someone out to be less-than-human because of their race. If the title said "Fucking whitey builds a device to pluck chickens for him", the reaction here would have been very different.

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Ive seen how this place reacts to anything racist unless it is against whites. You are all full of shit.

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racial comments are hounded and shouted down

Do you believe that? Or do you know you're full of shit but think others don't?

Context matters
I've made many racial comments, some good natured, but others less so.
I've had little in the way of problems.

The grief you get has a lot more to do with you acting like a fucktard.
But this is more about your feelings than any facts right? Typical sjw.