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That's why most people are using those fitted N95, P95, etc masks. Those are fitted and do something to stop the spread.

Additionally, even if the mask doesn't stop you from getting infected, it pretty much stops you from breathing it out onto someone.

But here's the great thing: The quoted dude is NOT CDC and probably has an extremely vested interest in a lot of people dying (guess why).

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Paper surgical masks only work if there is an absolutely seal around the entire mask. They were designed to keep a medical worker from sneezing/coughing/spitting into an open wound. They might catch some viruii being coughed towards you, but you'd better swap out that mask right away.

If your respirator doesn't have removable N/P 95 or 100 filters, you may as well wear nothing.

Also, if you wear a beard or haven't shaved, the respirator then works just like a paper surgical mask: It doesn't.