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Just some math. This will save 5.5 billion in 5 years. That's 1.1 billion a year, divided by the 700k recipients and again by 12, to arrive at a monthly allowance of $131.

$131 a month is just over $42 32 a week for food. Think about trying to survive off that, regardless of the person's circumstances.

Edit: sorry that's $32 a week.

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But if your making $20 + an hour then the state is giving you a great deal, I know a few who make great money and know how to work the system.

Then those people are being dishonest and shouldn't qualify for assistance to begin with. They are an outlier and not the norm.

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Yeah, I spend less than that myself easily. My monthly grocery bill is $125-$150 per month and that's if I'm not trying to be as stingy as possible.

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I know a guy "Tom", makes $22/hr under the table and gets $200/month in food stamps. I hope it's others like him that get axed from the program, and not actual poor hungry families.

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Good, I'm all for feeding people, but with soup kitchens.

Make welfare inconvenient and shameful again!

I'm serious, these people have no shame at all. They are living off other people's work. They should be ashamed.

What about people working 40+ hours a week and still qualifying for wellfare?

What about our politicians who work 15 hours a week and do very little yet pull home 100k+ a year.

What about the wealthy off spring of rich people who just live off their parents wealth?

Of all the people who get overpaid for the amount of effort they put in, is it really these unfortunate people who are the biggest leeches?

Some 15% of the total US uses food stamps. In some states it's as high as 23% of the population. The amount of abuse of this system that takes place is a pretty nominal amount when you start looking at the data.

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What about people working 40+ hours a week and still qualifying for welfare?

How many of those people are there? Are they applying themselves are working to get promoted or moved into better jobs? There are a lot of variables. If we make people comfortable in their poverty they will not be driven to better their situation.

I feel like the rest of your statements are non sequitur. Those issues might be problems but they don't relate to people being able to feed themselves without picking my pocket.

A lot more people than you would think. I used to work at a factory that produced premium ice cream. I would regularly pull in 45-50 hours a week for $9 something minimum wage. Initially I was brought on to do a job that started at $16 an hour. If I hadn't had that $180 in assistance every month then I would have had to choose between eating and paying rent. I couldn't even afford internet back then. The majority of that workforce comprised of temps that were being paid roughly $3-5 less an hour then those who were hired on. Even some people who were hired on and made that higher wage still qualified. And this is far from an isolated incident. The temporary worker force of the US is roughly 17,000,000 people, 73% of which work full time jobs in that position. This number has risen by 5% in the last couple of years, as more places find it cheaper to use these lower paid workers and then recycle them when they come to be hired, or simply never hire them at all. I worked with someone who spent 5 years at a factory as a temp. No health insurance, disability packages or anything. These are hard working people trying to get their foot in the door and being fucked by the system.

The whole thing is that this new change to the system offers no assistance in actually obtaining any sort of employment. No sort of mentor to help brush up that resume or suggest opportunities that the person may not have considered. Depending on where you live and what sort of employment is available in your area, there may be few if any jobs that an individual is suited for. It's simply a punishment with no intent to correct the behavior.