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So Texas has just given up on freedom of speech. Interesting. Even in the UK people can openly boycott Israel and be leaders of major political parties. What is it about Israel that is so important to them? Other countries could sink into the water and Americans wouldn't look them up on a map, but Israel? Crazy.

Funny how much some Americans love to point the finger at other countries and squeal about how free America is when they have laws like this in the books.

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It just shows how captured and corrupt politicians are if they are willing to sellout for the foreign interests of a tiny middle eastern country by requiring loyalty oaths. Also resorting to censorship shows the moral and intellectual emptiness of their position and the correctness for boycotting and questioning Israel's legitimacy.

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Part of the Christian end times is the jews taking Jerusalem back. WASPs seem to do everything they can to bring on Armageddon.