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If you think of it as a way to cover the security and clean up cost, it makes sense.

We have a right to assembly but do we have a right to trash public places and stick police with huge security bills?

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What a terribly written article. For a writer who claims to be into conflict resolution, she doesn't half come across as a shrieking left winger.

/I mean, I am basically left wing, but this line of partisan reportage really puts me off.

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Yeah that article is an absolutely partisan dumpster fire. Like this quote:

One reason may well be that the president believes that "it's embarrassing for the country to allow protesters." Seriously.

If you go read the context of the quote, he was talking about how protesters disrupted the Kavanaugh hearings and were allowed to just carry on for an extended period of time and how it was embarrassing. It's ethically bankrupt to quote just that one sentence without any context.

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The state of American media today isa disgrace to the nation. During Obama's time, if he'd cured cancer personally, the right wing would attack him for costing healthcare jobs. It's the same now with Trump. If he suggested taking the butter out of the fridge to let it warm up a bit before spreading, the leftwing media would talk about how eating butter is basically racism. Does no one see that these guys aren't so extreme?

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You're about 80% right, but things are actually worse today. One reason is specifically because Obama signed into law the legalization of propaganda against American citizens. It was a treasonous, despicable act, and we're seeing the fruits of that play out now. Besides the government itself, you have political groups doing the same thing and they've essentially weaponized the use of social media and mass media sources. Silicon Valley is all to happy to go along with it because it happens to suit their goals.

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The Libtards and Lefturds wants to put a price on freedom of speech. Soon you’ll have to kill some SJWs (or be killed by them) to say pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere, let alone actually protest.

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Imagine that, and here I thought the SJW-commies and NPC-automatons had already put a hefty price on free speech, plus added on a blood tax!