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Then get off it. If you think an online ad platform is brutal, wait until you get out into the real world.

But still, she hesitated to quit the app entirely. Her friends on Instagram serve as a source of support. Also, quitting wouldn’t stop her tormentor from talking about her, and she’d rather know what the girl was saying.

Hopefully these teens do learn how to cope with things like this as they mature.

I can understand the line of thought of wanting to know what was said.

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Harassment on the platform can be uniquely cruel, and for many it feels like there’s no escape.

You could just, you know, delete it?

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Whatever happens to the good old days where your number one priority online was to never reveal your true identity? I miss those days

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This week, the company also announced a set of new features aimed at combatting bullying, including comment filters on live videos, machine-learning technology to detect bullying in photos

Oh boy. Looks like more classic Zuckerberg-style censorship is coming to Instagram... sighs