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So let me see if I understand this:

  • Company develops and releases open source software/network.

  • Software is designed to not be shutdown by anyone opposed to that software/network.

  • Another Company they don't like joins.

  • First company wants to shut down the software they designed not to be shut down because it's being used as intended.

This is getting stupid crazy ridiculous. Humans are contrary creatures by nature and the more they're told that they can't talk about certain things in certain ways, the more they're going to want to be that way, especially since they've been told all their lives that there's free speech but now all free speech isn't free because the people who told them speech was free don't agree with their free speech. It's the only reasonable course of action for people who have been lied to all their lives.

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That's a pretty good summary. The idea was to prevent authoritarian control over a network of sites from 'evil corporations', so they decided they needed to implement authoritarian control over the network to stop 'nahtzees'

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So is mastodon shooting itself in the foot before it even really gets started? I know a lot of free internet types have talked about it which made me interested but if this sort of drama is starting up already I have no desire to patronize their network.

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It's not all toxic, but the primary developers and many node and app admins/developers are going full retard and going against the core principles of decentralized networks. The community is bullying app developers who do not ban Gab and many popular nodes are banning gab from federating either because they are snowflakes or being pressured. Their code of conduct is laughable and makes me think gab and others will just start their own federated network that isnt controlled by whiny sjws

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Cool, thanks for explaining, I didn't really know much about their setup.