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Reading carefully, they didn't just switch to Rust, they changed the way they did things when they started coding with Rust. Any CS student can tell you that algorithms are the main thing, then a fast language is the next. Implement the new methods in C or C++ and see what happens.

Every few years, there's some poser claiming this or that scripted or derivative wrapper language is magically fast, even comparing it to some C or C++ code. The some open-source dude releases some proper C or C++ code to implement his shit, and the C++ is way faster, and the C is 8x faster than the C++. I've seen articles posted on sites like this claiming that JavaScript is WAY faster than C++. All it shows is that the author can't program in C++. "I wrote something inefficient and wasteful in C++, then I wrote something better in JavaScript and it was way faster!"

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Dr. Ben Livshits

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I saw that, it made me think of Dr Lipschitz from Rugrats. Lip shits. Shit from his lips. He's full of shit.