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I wonder how much it'd take for Huawei to just use unlicenced tech. Surely the US is pushing China to get self-sustaining on that branch currently. Isn't the winner of the trade war obvious already?

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Without ARM and Android, I can't imagine how they'll put out a phone in the next five years. Very few companies would have enough resources to overcome that--but Huawei isn't a private company.

There definitely is an asymmetry in this "trade war" (but the Huawei saga is merely a distraction), but it doesn't favor China: they are absolutely dependent on access to world markets to support their domestic economy while the west depends on China for cheap manufacturing and enablement of cheap consumerism. Western companies would wisely look to diversify production to other low-cost nations like Vietnam, but whom is China going to sell to if they get cut off of western markets?