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I messed with namecoin years ago. It's was pretty neat. It was basically a chain of domain->IP records. You could connect to normal dns or you could connect to namecoin dns and get all the www.domain.bit urls. It worked great for years then bots infested it and started autobuying all the domains as they expired. I lost almost all of mine.

It's totally possible, but yeah, it needs a way more user friendly front end and better safeties or alerts for expiring domains. (aka user device/server/location over time)

edit part two: something like XMR could work. Its chain is fully encrypted, only the owner of an address can see a balance. The owner can also issue keys to allow only keyholders to see the balance. If the balance were replaced with info/address/ip/history info, then only the master key holder could authorize access to the data while still allowing a confirmation of data.

  • IE: Do you have enough money in your account? or Are you authorized to access this url? YES

  • How much money do you have? or Where have you been? NO

All of the info could be accessed through the wallet vs. a web browser. You could issue keys to your friends or when you register for a site, enable private on chain messages, accessible anywhere in the world, that everyone can see but only the two of you can read. The weakest part of the system is the device we rely on.

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I don't like that my own government wants to spy on me and keeps a record of everything I do or say within 10 feet of someone's mobile phone but I'm already long past thinking I can hide anything from them or other governments/agencies. I'm content to play hide and seek with the data companies though as much as I can. Fuck these arrogant bitches selling my info.

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I'm with you for the most part but I remain optimistic that something like AI will cause a massive problem and people will wake up and realize its because we have no privacy anymore that "thing a" happened and demand all of this shit stop.

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That would be nice but I think the beasts have outgrown their masters in a lot of respects. How can a government that changes every 4-8 years keep a rein on secretive agencies that have no expiry date. If the likes of the NSA and FBI are forced to stop by laws then can't they just get Australia's ASIC/ASIO for example to tell them what they want to know? They are already sharing data across allied nations and using those alliances to get around restrictive laws against spying on their own citizens.

Then you have the likes of China and Russia and the sense of "if they have that technology/information at their disposal, we need it too"

For me it's not even a question of trusting my government or being patriotic, its about not taking the future for granted and not knowing who has access to that data and how they will interpret it. It wasn't all that long ago that Japan was knocking on Australia's door for example. Who will be making decisions on that data in 50 years? Will my children be punished for something I said on Phuks in 2018? Look at the other thread here about AI killing everyone and now think of a cold-hearted machine going through everything you ever said and deciding if your genes and DNA need to be eliminated by wiping out all your descendants. Maybe I read too much fiction though. I hope that's the case.