But I duns have anything to hide!

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Maybe, but some of us who object to the present '1984' direction of society would appreciate your help nonetheless.

Yeah i was being sarcastic. I get really agitated when people ask me that. It's like they want you to apply to the gov for an encryption permit if you are a whistleblower lol. It's like saying we'll abolish the 2nd Amendment but we'll reenactit once we go corrupt pinky promise lol

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This article seems to leave out how the US gov tracks tor users by hosting a huge number of relay and exit nodes. If every bounce hits their nodes, then they can track you. This is old af information from the Snowden drop

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If every bounce hits their nodes, then they can track you.

So if not every bounce hits their nodes, they can't? That sounds fairly good to me. The inconvenience of regularly using Tor for low-bandwidth browsing is minimal, and I think it's worth it just to help build momentum in privacy focussed technology.

Using Tor is better than giving up - and if you're not giving up, what would you recommend instead?

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So if not every bounce hits their nodes, they can't?

As far as we know. That was their strategy 5-7 years ago - you can't catch them 100% of the time, so catching them in random occurrences is good enough. Many people think they're safe using tor for browsing illegal content, but lose their anonymity when they say view an image or video they downloaded on tor using an application on Windows that connects to the internet when viewing it. Most media players look for metadata in online databases every time you play something, so that old dl can connect you to you not being on tor.

what would you recommend instead?

There really aren't any better options than creating your own relay network.

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Well, I wasn't thinking of doing illegal stuff, but probably what I do is already illegal in places. I remember reading about Tails a while ago, but that seems to entail a way higher level of inconvenience.

That's a very important point.

Right now even if you assume NSA or CIA is watching your every click through Tor, I feel it's nice to at least hide from the ISP. One of my concerns is in the not so distant future they'll make internet history (what political forums people visited and even their usernames) public in some way and use it to rate users or discriminate against them somewhat.

But depends what you are doing, if you are trying to hide from the CIA lol this needs to be common knowledge especially for a journalist who isn't very tech savvy and is being contacted by a whistleblower, etc.

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You're going to see something similar to China's social credit score far before you'd see your history be public. They need to aggregate just how large of a Nazi you truly are first and then use those arbitrary rules to ruin your life

Yeah good point. I'm not sure where the line is but I'd definitely draw it at banning guns.