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I think broadcast television may have taken some damage.

Based on new netflix and amazon branded content, broadcast's suffering brought better content to the streaming services.

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Most people I know that still have cable subscriptions only have them for sports. Sports isn't exactly sparkling for too many people right now with the game/season cancellations, the woke politics being injected and the ability to stream some amount of sports content legally now. I wouldn't be surprised if that sparked another wave of cord cutters and advertisers jumping ship.

The whole broadcast advertising model is really iffy anyways and most advertisers are likely retreating to facebook and google's ad platforms. Tucker Carlson has the single most watched nightly cable show and he barely has a national advertiser left due to the whole cancel culture climate. Fast forwarding through commercials is simple enough with a DVR that they really probably don't see the returns they once did anyways.

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We don't mind paying for quality content. We subscribed to several of the prime channels for targeted content. The Smithsonian and Curiousity Stream channels are great if you love good documentaries.

I bet these addon channels are seeing increased subscriptions.

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I'm thinking about to The Great Courses Signature Collection. I started watching a lecture on the black plague when it was free and it was pretty good. If you don't enjoy watching lecture-type presentations then you wouldn't like it, but the content was good.

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Good. Society would benefit from less time spend staring at the boob tube.

Let's hope Facebook et al are next.

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Phuks will never recover from the coronavirus!

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Phuks is dying!