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We don't mind paying for quality content. We subscribed to several of the prime channels for targeted content. The Smithsonian and Curiousity Stream channels are great if you love good documentaries.

I bet these addon channels are seeing increased subscriptions.

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I'm thinking about to The Great Courses Signature Collection. I started watching a lecture on the black plague when it was free and it was pretty good. If you don't enjoy watching lecture-type presentations then you wouldn't like it, but the content was good.

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Wasn't it? I don't mind lecture vids at all, in fact, I'd rather view those than sit through any of the new style documentaries that are full of dramatic recreations and repeat their last two-three minutes after every break.

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This was the series I started watching. I just haven't had much time in front of the TV to continue it yet. I would also recommend the nature show "Leave it to Beavers" on prime for an hour long show about why beavers are super cool