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Don't think Trust the science Do as you are told Keep consuming

Isn't it strange that doctors weren't telling people that the best way to improve their odds against covid are to exercise, loose weight, spend time outdoors, get vitamin d, eat a balanced died to boost your immune system, etc. Somehow the answer is always take this magic medicine from the pharmaceutical companies. At this point you're a conspiracy theorist if you think all those in government, pharma, and medicine actually care about your health and wellbeing because their actions show they don't. They care in the same way the rancher cares about an infection of an animal in his herd.

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The obese are far and away the most effected by covid and the virus is killed by UV light so it won't be spreading outdoors. Playing in the dirt builds your immune system and could help you fight it. Etc etc, just little lifestyle changes would eradicate it overnight, rather than massive destructive forced lifestyle changes and insane profits for Big Pharma.

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Shutdown parks and beaches

Harass people by themselves outside if they're not wearing a mask

But the liquor store and Walmart are definitely essential businesses, so the government will of course wisely let those stay open while deciding which other businesses must be harassed and closed to stop the spread

People applaud this all and don't see the insanity. It's pretty shocking to see how overt and in-your-face the messaging has become. America has always thrived on the useful fiction of freedom, liberty, etc. It's great propaganda both abroad and at home, and even if it's not completely true, there has to be some kernel of truth in it to have any effect. I guess the leaders have decided they no longer need to bother to fake it.

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Harass people by themselves outside if they're not wearing a mask

Yeaaah.... Canada has just gone full retard on that front and police can stop you, question you and basically ask you for papers if you are outside and even wearing a mask