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You know why right? Because it is no longer an American company they are now taking the gloves off and want that money pulled into the US. Notice this all surfaced after the company was acquired by a foreign company. People have been sounding the alarm for a long time......

You ever see the video of the PR guy defend the company? saying you can drink it, it's safe and the host pulls out a pitcher full of it and says drink it then and he replied "I'm not going to drink it! Are you crazy!"

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I've heard stories of people who would drink it to show it wasn't going to kill you. The lethal dose is around the same as table salt's lethal dose.

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I'm not sure about a lethal dose but it doesn't take much to shut down a vital organ in your body like your liver. Not to mention how it will harm you days, months later lol


Excuse me while I eat some cereal with trace amounts...... YUM corporate greed

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I'm sorry but do you have a better source than that guy? He's a quack doctor and has been warned multiple times over making false claims.

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They don't actually talk about any science in the article, nor do they discuss what the "controversial evidence" entails.

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Chhabria on Monday said plaintiffs could introduce some evidence of Monsanto’s alleged attempts to ghostwrite studies and influence the findings of scientists and regulators during the first phase of upcoming trials. He said documents which showed the company taking a position on the science or a study introduced during the first phase were “super relevant.”

I think you mean they don't discuss in sufficient detail for your liking.

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I think you mean they don't discuss in sufficient detail for your liking

I'll give you that. Still the article is more appropriate for a news/business since it doesn't actually talk about science just a lawsuit filed against a controversial company.