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In 2005 two in five (43 per cent) admitted drinking above the recommended limits, but this fell to just 28 per cent 10 years later.

I call complete bullshit on this. If you're drinking, you're drinking more than the recommended limit, because its ridiculously low.

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Perhaps the word 'admitted' is important when interpreting that sentence.

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I learned a new word today.

Also, I wonder if seeing news about 40 year old high school drinking parties may scare more kids off of from drinking

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There are other drugs. Sure kiddos are souring on alcohol, but uppers like adderall are very popular. The generation that was force-fed Ritalin are now becoming a significant portion of the population. And they recruit. Instructing acquaintances how to coerce a doctor into a prescription. Marijuana is also the easiest drug in the US to procure at any age. Downers like Xanax get a mention to counteract the "stress" a significant portion of which is directly related to stimulant abuse. Finally there is the opioid epidemic.

The biggest culprits in my opinion are weed and adderall.