Dammit I flipped the picture sideways in Hope's this wouldn't happen

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lol. I'm a dumbass, I'm looking at it, like that's a weird case configuration.

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You gonna toss an SSD into that bad boy or just stick with that slower drive?

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So far so good, as far as I can tell. Don't forget to tighten up those cables and hide them behind the motherboard tray somewhere, keep it neat!

Ran into a few issues with the build and had to run out to get mounting screws.

Definitely a learning experience. I'm honestly not sure how far from done I am as there are so many wires and plugs.

I know I gotta buy like 2 seven inch fans and the rest can wait until later

I'm just dreading shutting down my comp to remove the GPU as I know it will be days before I get this new build up and running.

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Can't you use the integrated graphics off the motherboard until you're ready to move the gpu?

It looks like you're pretty much done. Shouldn't take long to install the fans and hook up the case wiring.

Good job on the cable management so far.