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Damn, what's that bad boy weigh?

Probably about 7 lbs empty. I guess I haven't put thought into my future 20+ lbs build with everything installed.

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Okay, I get the picture that this is some kind of novelty project, but I just want to throw this out there: you know that you can get something way, way better for about 20 bucks on newegg, right?

$20 + ~$10 for shipping. So it would be roughly the same.

It's not the ideal case, and I may change it out later. But I do love absurdity.

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Know what? I was going to give you a snarky reply with a link to newegg or amazon ... but it looks like everything's gone up by almost double since my last build(the machine I'm on now), so: my bad.

edit: Suddenly, I'm regretting my resolution to stop hoarding computer parts. All those cases and power supplies in the frickin' dump. What a waste.

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So.... to go along with the extremes of my 850W PSU. I found this God damn monstrosity today at a second hand shop (vinyl album for scale).

I'm confident I can fit a small box fan on the tucker. But it certainly will take Ll my hardware with room to spare.

It uh.... doesn't fit on my desk though....

Why is my shit always sideways?!

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I noticed that pictures are sideways depending on which side of the world you are on.