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Neat, what's the story behind that monitor?

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About a year ago I broke the screen on my chromebook, so I ordered a replacement from Amazon. IIRC it was really late/early, so Free Same-Day Delivery w/Prime was an option. Eventually Amazon's order tracker says it was delivered, but there were no boxes in the usual places. None of the unusual places. either. So after a few days I give up and order another one, with additional instructions and different shipping options. I get that one just fine, replace my screen, and life goes on. At some point I went out a side-door that I almost never use... and there's a box. Dusty and slightly rained on, but still sealed.

Well now I had a spare lcd. I left it in the box, on my bedroom floor for the longest time before deciding to try putting it to some use. Asked some Amazon vendor of LCD controller boards which model board I needed, tossed that into my cart along with some stuff for a raspi project, and went to checkout.
There was a Same Day Delivery option.

At this point I'd had some other snafu with Same-Day Delivery where they told me it was delivered, but it actually showed up a day or two later and the delivery notification got updated. So I figure what's the harm? By the time I actually found the LCD it had been too long for me to remember whether I'd checked by that door; maybe it too had shown up as basically-2-day-delivery. I dunno. Maybe it really would show up that day and I could start tinkering w/my pi that much sooner.

Got told it was delivered that day, of course. Wasn't around, but I pretty much expected that. Waited a few more days, and still nothing. Checked Amazon's help; apparently packages can show up three days after being marked as delivered. I was on day 5. Well clearly that one was gone. Annoyed, I re-ordered the raspi stuff and figured the LCD panel could wait a while longer. A few hours later I get the first package, with the LCD board.
Fool me thrice. Never falling for that one again.

After that it was a few more rounds of buying things I needed to move forward. First being the realization that it needed a power brick. Derp. Then I needed a monitor mount. And finally I needed to attach the lcd panel to the VESA bracket. Went to the hardware store and several screws, two bits of wood, four nuts, two bolts, a small saw, and a hex-driven drill bit later I could finally start putting it together.

EDIT: oh, and sandpaper.

All in all, this 12" screen is probably one of the most expensive monitors I have ever owned,