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We're all better off with one less torturer and cannibal running around

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Cannibal... Got a credible source for that?

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Yeah go on liveleak you fucking retard, watch mobs of his Black Afro hench men running around shooting, burning people, sending the goons out killing his own African brothers and sisters and even eating them alive. Are you going to investiagte yourself or are you wanting for the fucking retards at Haaretz, reuters and the jerusalem post finally write negative comments about him before you are ready to criticize him. Here's a big spoiler - psychopath globalists actually love these dumb tribal morons, they like these Low IQ Black African idiots and political thugs given suits and guns, the moronic tribal Shona Niger and Bantu types, they sit back and watch them almost destroy a country, then come in with like 2 dollars or 2 euro and buy up the whole fucking nation at discount prices.

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Quite a rant there. Do you have a credible source that Robert Mugabe was a cannibal?