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Is China after Hong Kong to bypass the us tariffs imposed? Why would Trump tariff other nations when he could simply ban imports from their nations? I swear he's working against merikah's interest.

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no, This has nothing to do with the US, the tradewar or with Trump, but everything to do with people standing up for their individual rights.

Hong Kong is Chinese / part of China. They do have certain privileges / sovereignty which where embedded when the UK "returned" Hong Kong after 400 years at the end of the 90's. The HK protestors are defending these privileges, "western principles" against the Chinese who have been trying to diminish these privileges and push pro Chinese laws trough Hong Kong legislation. Like the extradition of prisoners, which could easily be abused to send political critics to mainland china on bogus charges.

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China will have it's down-fall pretty soon, I'm sure of it.