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I say anti vaxxers should be placed in jail for a month or more just for the harm they cause.

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Those who support abortion are definitely going to go out and march to defend the rights of individuals to choose their own medical treatments: "my body, my choice". Right?

No, of course they won't. I don't give a shit about abortion or vaccines, but I hate bullshit from both sides. Neither democrats nor republicans really care about freedom, and their cheap slogans are selectively applied.

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This argument is comparing apples to 16th century French furniture.

The choice of the abortion results in a decision that medically affects one person, the person consenting to the procedure. Having an abortion will not suddenly make abortions contagious causing all the random people you meet to suddenly have mass abortions against their will without having to be informed on the matter.

The choice not to vaccinate is the choice that not only affects the chooser and their children but anyone with children under the ages of 4-6. This choice inflicts weakness on the herd, it's a choice in which the fallout is not simply contained within the domain of the chooser and those under their care but affects outside stakeholders .

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Abortion is a individuals rights and harms no one, anti vaxxers on the other hand is harming others. Financial implications, lost work and school so anti vaxxers should be liable for any financial damages of others.

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Harms no one? Are you serious? I think the dead baby would like to have a word with you, if only they could.