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So would the State of California also face murder charges for its role in the wildfires? Forestry and conservation laws prevented clearing of dead underbrush, thinning the forests to appropriate density (currently 2-3x denser than in history) and prevented creating stop gaps to prevent fires from spreading. The state laws are the reason the fires were able to spread so far and so fast, so who will be charged with murder at the government level?

I've never heard of a company facing murder charges.

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Well, for some twisted logics companies are persons :p

but who would they put in jail if they're deemed guilty? All the shareholders?

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In the UK we have a crime called "corporate manslaughter", needless to say no actual people go to jail for it.

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Everyone responsible for the decision to break the law should be jailed, and everyone who implemented that decision, to start with. It is about time corporations EARNED the "personhood" they have been given to the detriment of REAL persons.