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I promised pics a month or so ago, but I had to get in line for the full 720? degree of freedom sims...best thing I have ever done on my life. I can upload dark pics of planes if anyone wants, but they really need light to do them justice. I'll go back in a few weeks and take real pics in light instead.

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I look forward to the pics. Glad to hear you had a great time though.

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Dude, it was all Dank As Fuck. I did my first vertical loop and the sim physically did it. My co-worker literally bruised a rib from my flying. It was so fucking cool. Graphics were like N64 but we didn't give a shit about the combat. Just took that shit as far as we could.

Edit: that was after his two minutes where he wanted to make me puke, then I took control and that's when it got good. You can buy a season pass there and I'm tempted

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Your naval park has a flight sim! Jealous! All mine has is a haunted destroyer.

I look forward to the pictures.

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> goes to museum
> only plays vidya
> fucking millennials