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So Srayzie (whoever that is) posted her own RL pictures to voat, then someone reverse image searched and found an account by the same name on other social media...so that person basically doxed themself. Sounds like retardation all around

It's worse than that. She has a steemit account. The steemit system runs on the steemit blockchain which is public. In order to get an account, you have to provide a real phone number.

She's perfectly doxxed herself with the same images, info, account linkages, everything from reddit to facebook to steemit to voat and so much more. All you have to do is a simple google search and know only a couple of easily learned technical things.

She pulls stuff voat is known to hate, lies about it, manipulates people, and then squeals to the admin when the users say "enough."

She's the epitome of vile.

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I think it's just a manic episode and, as such, will pass.

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She has quit voat and deleted her twitter.

Srayzie-whatever? Not enough. She needs to delete her facebook and change her phone number since those are public too. Yeah, she was that stupid.