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What did they expect? It is only incorporated in the US, but weren't Putt and Atko actually based in Europe? Their users are going to be the reason the site goes under if it ever draws serious scrutiny from any alphabet agencies. I bet the "angel investor" told whichever group runs the Putt account to clean up the site or they'll walk away.

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Many of the banned users are running to Poal.

Some of the banned users weren't rightly banned. Some of the people are leaving because PuttItOut is being duplicitous and vague - and I can't blame them for that, exactly.

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It will be interesting to see how, if at all, it changes the landscape of Poal.

I stop being an active user on Voat over a year ago. It looks like it has gotten worse since I left.

It's gone from "edgy hate" to "hate be because I said so". From "hate for a reason" to "hate because I said so." That and asking for evidence on things they hate is akin to heresy. It's astounding,really.