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I pointed this out a few days ago. It's soft censorship in a certain way. This will be used to make Voat more palatable for normal people. This isn't the same Puttitout.

Hashtag @sanegoatiswear was right.

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Sanegoat wasn't right at the time but he very well could be now. The difference is night and day as far as his handling of defaults and what he wanted to do back then. My strong opinion is that PuttItOut went through a very dark time over the past two years and he either bailed out and been replaced or completely changed his perspective on a few things.

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I'm just saying a lot of his wild theories have slowly came true. He definitely behaved like a homeless man shouting in the streets and then wondered why people treated him like a homeless man shouting in the streets.

His message wasn't all that inaccurate, but his method was extremely flawed.

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I had a conversation with them in PM early when they were just starting to make a name for themselves on Voat how attacking Atko was going to be their downfall and that earned me a permanent spot on their most hated list. I also got a huge impression that the account was a female but it's not like it matters much.

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Oh boy. Soft censorship of wording through NSFW labeling regardless of the context in which the words are being used. Glad I'm on Phuks!

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Are you pretending phuks is about free speech and against censorship?